Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't lose hope

Sometimes we feel that we can't continue our life,
can't go on and we don't need to do any thing,
we feel that our life is ended and there isn't anything good to live.
We think that we lost everything, hopes, life, dreams and we become despair and see the dark side.
All of that are negative thinking, what if we changed it to positive??
sure it will be different and better, just we need something to push us to do that
to see the white side in our life, it may be a dream, love, business, sentence we heard before, and it may be someone helps us.
Sometimes we asking people to help us, may be they can, may be they not, may be they accepted and may be they not.
what if we thinking about ALLAH, turned to HIM and asking HIM to help us??
what if we raise our hands and just say please our GOD help us??
what if we pray to HIM and asking for anything we need??
our problem is that we are so far from ALLAH, if we turned to HIM, and give HIM all HIS rights, sure we'll see everything is good, we don't lose our hope, don't despair, everything will be right and the life will be like a paradise.
we also need to never lose hope in ALLAH, and think of HIM better thinking
if we do that, all our problems will disappear, if there are problems sure it will be trials by ALLAH to testing us, so we must be patient and never to be far from HIM, raise our hands, pray and pray and pray and put our trust in HIM, sure we'll never lose because our GOD keeps the best to us, if it is not now, sure it we'll be in the future or in the other life.

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